Database Versioning Demonstration Uploaded

Fulfilling my promise at TechEd, I’ve finally completed a self-directed demonstration of the database versioning techniques I first presented at last year’s TechEd and which was alluded to during this year’s TechEd SQL Tricks presentations.  It’s published here on my resource page at MSDN Code Gallery.  No platform snafus this time, either.. The 12.5mB file…


My Latest Reason to be Thankful

In keeping with the spirit of the season, I thought I’d introduce you to my latest reason to be thankful.  As if a wonderful family and an incredible career weren’t enough.. Ever since this city boy relocated to rural Central Florida, his farm girl wife has been on him to get her a horse.  I’m…


DWWTWT?: November 24-28

UPDATED 04 Dec. 2008 with month-end statistics. It’s a short work week here in Central Florida.  Monday and Tuesday I had my nose to the grindstone, while I’ll spend the rest of the week enjoying my family: Commuting Options Selected since 12 June 2006 Mode of Transport Number of Invocations Telecommuted 93 Walked 218 Walked to…


Travelogue: Three Hours in Barcelona

I mentioned in my first dispatch from Barcelona that my schedule this year prohibited the sort of experience I had outside of the conference last year.  While I had two full days last year with no commitments at Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona, this year the organizers kept me busy every day of the event. Good…


Thank You, Greg Winston

If you live long enough and lead a certain sort of life, you end up writing a lot of correspondence that you don’t really want to write when you start writing it.  If you’re lucky enough, more of those missives relate to happy things happening in peoples’ lives than sad things.  If you’re not wanting…


DWWTWT?: November 17-21

What a life!  After a week of being footloose and fancy-free in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, I was back home in Central Florida, enjoying the telecommute: Commuting Options Selected since 12 June 2006 Mode of Transport Number of Invocations Telecommuted 91 Walked 218 Walked to the Bus 17 Drove 191 None…


TechEd Indexing Presentation Now Available on MSDN Code Gallery

Well, it took me long enough to figure out how to get this done, didn’t it?  The good news is that I have a brand new tool in my arsenal..  the bad news is that I burned a bunch of precious rural bandwidth trying to upload this material to inappropriate platforms. The TechEd EMEA 2008…


SQL Server 2005 SP2 News from Paul Randal

Thanks to Mohammed Sharaf, who passes along this post from Paul Randal’s blog regarding a corruption issue people are running into in SQL Server 2005 SP2.  Here’s the money quote: The situation is this: a table with a non-unique clustered index (i.e. so a hidden uniquifier column is created), and then rebuilt using DBCC DBREINDEX….


Back In-Country: Greetings From JFK

Greetings from the Delta terminal at JFK Airport in beautiful South Ozone Park, NY, where I’m currently laying over on my way back to Orlando.  As I was getting up at 6am Barcelona time, my wife was watching Friday night’s episode of David Letterman back home in Florida.  Time zones are certainly amazing things. Through…


DWWTWT?: November 10-14

As you’re doubtless aware from reading the public areas of the blog, this week I was footloose (and voiceless) in Barcelona.  The trip overseas involved two plane changes while the trip home involved one, which explains the odd number of airline segments: Commuting Options Selected since 12 June 2006 Mode of Transport Number of Invocations…