I’ve Finally Taken The Technorati Plunge

UPDATED 23 October 2008: I've moved the button to the title bar for now until I can come up with some slick code to get it higher up on the left-hand side.  Stay tuned..

 I've added a Technorati Fave This Blog button to the News section on the left-hand side.  Add to Technorati Favorites

Feel free to vote early and vote often, with my thanks.


Comments (2)

  1. Jimmy May says:

    Can you move the Fave image/link on the left above your tags?  Right now it’s buried a fer piece down on the page.  Unless the one on the right is permanent–which I’m guessing is only for the purposes of this post–for your subsequent posts your fans won’t see & therefore won’t take the opportunity to give you the credit you so richly deserve. 😉

  2. Ward Pond says:

    Great advice, Jimmy; thanks.

    I’ve moved it to the top of the News section for now.  I’m going to need to learn some CSS overrides to get it over the tags.

    Stay tuned.. and thanks again!


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