Mobility, Defined: Greetings From MCO

MCO, for the groundlocked, is the FAA Airport Code for the airport in Orlando, Florida.  The same broadband card that speaks to the Yagi antenna back home has found broadband-level connectivity in MCO's Terminal A.  It would therefore appear that I can work darn near anywhere.  Pretty cool!

My bag is checked and I'm waiting for Alaska Airlines' morning non-stop(!) flight to Seattle.  I detest changing planes, so a surprisingly big part of this move for me was determining that there was a non-stop available back to the mothership.  The timings aren't the best (early morning/late evening departures), but avoiding hub airports in times of heavy weather or heavy traffic is, so far at least, a paramount goal in planning this travel.

Whoops..  pre-boarding has started.  Time to stow the laptop and get onboard.

More from Redmond as the week progresses..


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