A One-Stop Post for SQL Server Upgrade Considerations

Mahesh passed along a wonderful bit of research he completed to aid in a platform upgrade, and I'd like to share it here.  Here is a series of links to identify discontinued and deprecated features and behavior changes in SQL Server:

I hope you find this information as useful as I do!

Thanks, Mahesh!


UPDATED 06 Sep 2008 to fix broken links (thanks to Scott R. and Scott Whigham for the heads-up!)

Comments (3)

  1. Scott Whigham says:

    Good post idea. Check the links though…

  2. Scott R. says:


    Thanks for the post and links.  Good stuff!

    Of the 5 links posted, the first two links work fine but the last three links are redirects from another link that do not work as-is from my PC.  I was able to edit and drop off the extraneous link info and get to the links you intended.  For the benefit of others, could you edit the last three of the original post links?

    By the way, congrats on your move to Florida and your new digs.  I enjoyed that earlier post and pictures, having spent some vacation time over the years in that area.  I always got a kick out of some of the town names like Sopchoppy and Panacea – don’t know if that is your area or not.  Snorkeling with the manatee near Crystal River / Homosassa is great fun, too!


    Scott R.

  3. Paul Maddox says:

    Thanks Mahesh, very useful.

    The links seem to be working now too.

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