A Brief Respite from The Ongoing Blog Neglect

It's been a busy six weeks since I last posted here.

I've made substantial progress in my recovery from a burst appendix.  My stamina is still limited (my sons blazed right by me on a staircase outside Safeco Field this evening), and I tend to relapse slightly a couple of times a week, usually as a result of poor dietary choices.  I'm slowly learning to live within my limitations in that regard.

My work on the SQL RAP 2.2 release is nearly complete, despite the interruption caused by May's events.  The team and our partners in the field have been incredibly patient with my situation; hopefully they'll find reward for their supportiveness in the improvements and features we've built.

All the while I was sick, recovering, and catching up at work, Gale was negotiating furiously on our dream place in central Florida.  Sharp businesswoman that she is, she got us a great deal.

Crystal, meanwhile, has taken the point on packing us up, and has done an incredible amount of work for our family (Gale had sinus surgery in July, so neither of us have been of much use for the physical part of this process.  Our kids have carried that load, and Crystal, Kyle, and Zach have done a great job.

The moving van arrives at 8:30am tomorrow morning, and we're off sometime in the 24 hours which follow.  The current plan calls for me to have connectivity from my new home office during the afternoon of August 18th.

With luck, I'll see you here then.  I've got a couple of technical points in the pipeline which will hopefully be of interest.

In the meantime, perhaps we'll see you on the proud highway.

Hey ho, beep beep!
Mobile, mobile, mobile, yeah!


PS: Please excuse the lack of a closing parenthesis.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We are 32 days in Florida as of today, and so far it’s been a marvelous experience. All three boys are

  2. Anonymous says:

    ..while we were preparing for our move.. The company chose my 48th birthday (two days before the movers

  3. Anonymous says:

    If it’s December 4th, it must be my Dad’s birthday .. After our move to Florida this past August, I’m

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