Database Programming: Operator Precedence in DTS is a Matter of Inheritance

This post will (hopefully) close a thread which runs here and here.

When we last addressed this issue, I mentioned that an answer to the operator precedence question for DTS raised by Scott R. would depend on either my research or the kindness of others.

Chalk one up for the kindness of others.  Bob Duffy, newly minted MCA: Database, was kind enough to send along the following:

Hi Ward,

I didn’t think that DTS in SQL 2000 has or needed the concept of operator precedence as such. This is because it doesn’t have its own expression language like SSIS – it has ActiveX/VBScript  tasks and SQL tasks and they have their own rules on precedence depending on language used.

The VBScript operator precedence is here:

So, Scott, the operator precedence changes from DTS/SQL2K to SSIS/SQL2K5 depends on the tool you're using to code your expressions in DTS.

Thanks, Bob, for helping me understand this issue, and congratulations on your SQL Ranger certification!


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