Two Pieces of Technical News from Kalen

Kalen Delaney has one of the most consistently informative SQL Server blogs in all of the Internets, and unless I miss my guess, it was also she who left the first of the very supportive comments I've received in the wake of my recent series of personal posts.  Thank you, Kalen, and everyone else for your kindness and support.

Kalen has two posts this week of special interest.  This one discusses the recent release of Cumulative Update #7 for SQL Server 2005 SP2.  As Kalen notes, MS advises not to apply this package unless you're experiencing one of the scenarios listed in this KB article.

Here, Kalen discusses the establishment of the Microsoft Jim Gray Systems Lab in Madison, Wisconsin.  In cooperation with David DeWitt, a database researcher and emeritus professor of computer sciences at UW-Madison, graduate research will be conducted at the center.  Very cool stuff, and not just because Jim Gray was such an inspirational figure..

Thanks again, Kalen!

UW-Madison '82

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