Non-Technical News: All Is Finally Right With The World..

Last Tuesday and Wednesday very little was right with the world, as the first two games of the 2008 regular Major League Baseball season were played half a world away, and they started at 3AM Seattle time.  I'm all for globalizing the appeal of the game, but 3AM?!?  And then have both teams come back to the States and play more exhibition games?!?  It defies reason.

Last night, things got a little better.  The Washington Nationals hosted the first regular-season baseball game in their brand new USD$611 million ballpark.  One of their better players, Ryan Zimmerman, won the game with a walk-off home run.  Pretty cool way to open a stadium, even if it is almost 3000 miles away.

But tonight..  tonight the hometown team hit the field in one of fourteen scheduled games.  With snow blowing under the Safeco Field roof and drenching the denizens of the left-field bleachers, the hometown Mariners trotted out the newly acquired Eric Beddard and won their season opener, 5-2.

Baseball is back.  All the way back.  Winter is over, despite what the people in left field (or at my grandson's baseball practice this afternoon) will tell you.

At least for a day, the Mariners are alone in first place.

All is finally right with the world..


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s the third Friday in February, which means pitchers and catchers have been in camp for a week. 

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