Greetings From Windows Live Writer, and Other Non-Technical News

Sure, it's a somewhat contrived reason for a post, but it's leap day.  In such a calendar-centric endeavor as a blog, it seems to me that one must leave a footprint on leap day..

I'm posting today via Windows Live Writer, which I downloaded earlier this week along with the latest Windows Live Messenger update.  It's supposed to afford a far more pleasant experience for the blogger than the typical web-based blogging UI.  As I near the conclusion of my second paragraph using the tool, I've got to say "so far, so good."

I've been neglecting the blog lately due to a pretty busy life, both work-wise and otherwise.  I've got one program nearing conclusion (SQL RAP 2.0 SP1) and another that's been ramping up for the last several months (the fourth MCA:Database (SQL Ranger) rotation), which starts on March 10th.  We only have three weeks between the close of the fourth rotation and the start of the fifth, so it's going to be a pretty intense spring for those of us in the SQL CoE.

The Windows Live Writer UI suggests that I can insert multiple pictures in a post.  If that's the case, here's a picture of one of our dogs:

Barcelona Trip 011 .

.. and here's a picture from Barcelona:


Wish I'd known about Live Writer while I was in Europe!  Those posts in November might've been a good deal more visually oriented.

I'll close with another dog picture.  Have a great weekend, and happy leap day!


04and05 028

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  1. Anonymous says:

    UPDATED 20 Dec 2008 to fix links It’s that time of year again, when I disappear from the blogosphere

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