What Do You Get When You Give A Community Builder An External Website?

I've asked to rhetorical questions such as this two times previously, each in reference to an event masterminded by Saleem Hakani, the persistent and determined gentleman behind the internal Microsoft SQL Server Community movement.

Never one to leave a good idea half-implemented, Saleem is bringing is SQL Community concept to the world at http://www.sqlcommunity.com.  The community is attracting participants familiar to all of us; Kalen Delaney and Michael Hotek recently joined as Worldwide Leaders.  Among its many features, the site includes discussion forums, a steadily expanding code library, and a web-based implementation of Saleem's signature inspiration, the SQL Tip of the Day.

I'm pleased to serve as one of the discussion moderators on the new site.  As there is also a blogging facility, I expect to be mirroring this humble corner of the internets over there just as soon as time, energy, and inspiration coincide (what the heck..  there are several sites mirroring this content -- with ads 🙁 -- already, so any concerns I might have about redundancy are..  well..  redundant!

Help us grow www.sqlcommunity.com into the most active, highest quality global SQL Server community.  Contribute your insights and those nuggets from your toolbox to your colleagues.

Stamp out wheel reinvention today!


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