SQL Server 2008 November CTP Released!

There's big news afoot today for all of you SQL Server 2008 fans..


The SQL Server 2008 November CTP has been released to the connect.microsoft.com website and is available for download here.  A discussion of what's new in the CTP may be found here.


The CTP program strikes me as a real win/win for all participants.  You get to "kick the tires" on a new version of SQL Server and even offer input which will materially impact the direction of the product, while Microsoft gets terrific feedback very early in the product development cycle.  This input is a great resource for the product team as they endeavor to prioritize their work.


I hope you'll download and install the new CTP at your earliest convenience.  Enjoy!




Comments (2)

  1. Dataland says:

    The SQL Server team has shipped the November CTP for SQL Server 2008.  Of all the upcoming Microsoft releases I am most interested in this one.  I think the SQL Server teams does … (Pingback)


  2. dotnetUncle - .NET Interviews says:

    This CTP Release is much awaited.

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