More SQL Server 2008 Webcasts Upcoming

Rummaging through an inbox swollen by three weeks' worth of total inattention, I've found a list of webcasts which will be of interest to those looking into SQL Server 2008:

  • 8/13/07 11am PDT: July CTP Public Web Chat

  • 8/15/07: Enterprise Scale Reporting Engine

  • 8/17/07: AS Time Series Stability

  • 8/21/07: New Datetime Data Type

  • 8/24/07: Database Mirroring Enhancements

  • 8/28/07: Ordpath for SQL Server

I hope to "see" you at some of these webchats, and I'll of course keep you posted when other interesting tidbits arise..


Comments (1)

  1. Anonymous says:

    The links for the webcasts I mentioned last week are now up here . The Enterprise Scale Reporting Engine

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