Happy Birthday, Mom

Today would've been my mom's 80th birthday.  I couldn't call her today.  I wish I could have.

If you can, please, even though today is Father's Day, call your mother too.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your comment, John..  it sounds as though your path these last few months has been full of challenge, and a pretty wide range of emotional impact.  I congratulate you on your acheivements and offer my sympathies on the loss of your mother.  I’m sure she would’ve been very proud of you.

    I’ll be sure to remember you to Tim and Greg..


  2. John Kane says:

    Hi Ward,

    First of all, I do hope you’re doing better! I called my father yesterday from the Newark, NJ airport (flight back from Norway) and couldn’t help to think about my mom who passed away this past March 1st. She would of fully understood all that I have been thru these past few months and would of been very happy for me. I truly think she has been looking out for me as I work towards a goal with a new company (IntelliSearch of Norway). July 14th (Bastille day) would of been her birthday.

    Say hi to both Tim and Greg for me (ex-PSS guys who know me). I’ll be updating the content in SQLFTS.com and re-starting my blogging under EnterpriseSearch.NET.

    Stay in touch,


    Search Evangelist, Intellisearch

    John at Intellisearch dot no

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