Non-Technical News: The Final Brief Update On My Health (unless something else bad happens)

This is (hopefully) the conclusion of a thread begun here, and continued here and here.

I met with my doctor earlier this week, who took me off of every single one of the seventeen pills eighteen days post-surgery (I'm back down to the three I've been taking for years, none of them related to this issue..).  Basically, my pancreas divisum has been repaired, and I'm "cured" until and unless my symptoms recur.  Amazing things can happen when one finds the right doctor!  I'm to continue on a low-fat diet (which is a good idea anyway), and I can't argue with the results when I'm fifteen pounds away from my high school weight for the first time in 20 years..  although the methodology, of course, was another thing entirely.

SO..  I'm of a mind to declare this chapter of my life -- and the blog -- closed.  My heartfelt appreciation goes to my incredibly supportive and loving family, my patient and flexible teammates, and each and every one of you who've expressed your concern and support!

Now..  let's have some technical conversations..


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