Non-Technical News: A Brief Update On My Health

Several folks have been kind enough to ask how I'm doing, so I thought I'd share a brief update.  Feel free to pass on this post if it doesn't sustain your interest..

Corrective surgery was attempted on February 5th; unfortunately, the surgeon had difficulty getting his instruments into position, so no surgery was actually attempted.  The anesthetic and the 24-hour fast triggered a brief but intense relapse of my symptoms, which transformed my "inpatient procedure" into a two-day hospital stay.

I'm sufficiently recuperated from that to be up to half-days in the office and half-days at home.  I've been referred to another surgeon who's performed this particular procedure many more times than my current doctor, and I'm scheduled to consult with him in the middle of March.

Until then, my regime involves a carefully monitored diet and about 17 pills a day.  My family and workmates have all been incredibly supportive during these most recent difficulties, and I'd like to acknowledge and thank them.  I'm truly blessed.

Thanks to all for their concern..  now get back to work..  <g>


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sure, he’s a competitor, but some things trump business . Sad news about Steve Jobs’ health today, as

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is (hopefully) the conclusion of a thread begun here , and continued here and here . I met with

  3. Ward Pond says:

    Denis the SQL Menace posted a very nice comment that the spam filter killed.

    Denis, thanks for your kind wishes.  As to your comment about the primes between 1 and 1 billion..  if you’ll make the comment again, I’ll promise not to kill it and I’ll write the code too..  🙂

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