SQL PASS 2006, Day 3

Networking, I'm user friendly
Networking, I install with ease
Data processed, truly BASIC
I will upload you, you can download me

      - Networking, Warren Zevon and Stefan Arngrim

Today is the third day of my trip to the SQL PASS 2006 Community Summit, and the first day of the conference proper.  It's been a very interesting day.

Paul Flessner's keynote was pretty interesting, not only for the rich set of announcements he shared (Denis is here, and he's done a much better job summarizing than I could), but also for his obviously emotional reaction to his final address to the SQL Server community before his pending retirement.  It was quite something to see such a dynamic and accomplished man choke up as he thanked the group.  This company is certainly filled with incredibly passionate people. 

After Paul's keynote, I attended Joy Mundy's session, Solving the Integration Services Puzzle: Building your Data Warehouse ETL System (very helpful) before checking out the exhibit hall and joining Adam Machanic for a lunch conversation regarding databases and beer (we're both in favor of both of them, although my doctor has mandated that I not practice what I preach in one of these cases).

So far this afternoon, I've attended Introduction to Microsoft Business Intelligence for SQL Server DBAs (Bill Baker and Tom Casey; a very useful overview of application behavior from a DBA's perspective) and SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services: Planning for the Enterprise - Scalability and Performance (T. K. Anand and Cristian Petculescu; chock full of just the sort of practical insights it can take years to uncover; the contents of this session will save me lots of time once I become a practicing BI maven).  I'm planning to take in Michael White's Warehousing and Analysis Services Using Legacy Data before I hit the reception and head home.

I need to make it an early night, because tomorrow morning I've got to have Zach at a 6 a.m. basketball practice (!) before I head back here to take part in Quest Software's breakfast panel seminar, The Growing World of SQL Server: Surviving The Data Avalanche.  Response to this seminar has been so incredible that it's been moved to a bigger room, so if you're at PASS and you'd like to attend this session, don't go to room 307/308, but instead go to room 4C-2, on the fourth floor of the convention center.

See you tomorrow morning!


Comments (3)

  1. Ward Pond says:

    Hi Rob..

    I’ll indeed be at PASS tomorrow, and would be thrilled to have lunch with you.

    I’ll look for you at the registration desk at noon tomorrow!


  2. Anonymous says:

    From a personal perspective, I somewhat " buried the lead " in my last post , so here it is again in

  3. Rob Garrison says:

    Ward, I’ve been reading your blog for some time now. It sounds like we’ve been sitting in some of the same classes at PASS this week. I would like to meet you.

    Are you here Friday and free for lunch? If so, let me know. We could meet at the left end of the registration booth at noon and head in for lunch.



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