What Do You Get When You Put 350 SQL Developers In A Room And Open Up A LiveMeeting Link?

The last time I asked you a question like this, I told you about SQL-Fest, a SQL Server training event at Microsoft.

Well, SQL-Fest went so well, we had to try it again, so on November 2, we gathered 350 SQL developers in a training hall for SQL-Fest II, "Mastering SQL Server Security".  I again acted as master of ceremonies.

Where were the other 250 folks who attended our first event?  They were tuning in via LiveMeeting video and conference call audio.

We're getting better at organizing these events -- our agenda flowed more smoothly, and there was less "fluff" than in our initial effort, which is all good.  The only downfall was that we swamped our LiveMeeting connection, so a number of folks who wanted to listen and participate live had to settle for after-the-fact on-demand video.

Live and learn..  next time we'll get that right, too.

Thanks from the organizers to all who presented, attended, and attempted to attend the session.  Watch for the next one!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve asked to rhetorical questions such as this two times previously, each in reference to an event masterminded

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