Greetings From SQL PASS!

At the moment, I'm on my first break of my first morning of my first PASS, and so far it's all been good.

I rode the Sound Transit 545 bus in from Redmond and was deposited two blocks from the Convention Center.  The preconference session on my agenda today is called "Microsoft Business Intelligence: Tools and Applications - Building on the BI Platform" and so far it's been just the sort of functional overview that this BI noob is needing.

Quest Software's website now has a page describing Thursday morning's Breakfast Seminar for which I'll be a panelist; there's even a "read about the panelists" page where you can read an almost-lovingly edited version of my professional biography while regarding the first public release of my "official" MS headshot.

If you're at PASS this week, look me up!

More soon..


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