A Brand New Blog You Might Not Know About Yet..

On the heels of two messages last week pointing you at worthy SQL-related blog resources, I'm happy to say that yet another team has jumped on the blogging bandwagon at Microsoft.  That's nothing but good news for you if you're a user of SQL Server (which, if you're reading this blog and you're unrelated to me, stands a better than even chance of being the case).

The PSS SQL Server Engineers have started a blog.  These are the folks who are the first line of assistance when our customers call with issues with the product, so they're chock-full of useful insights into the care and feeding of SQL Server.

There are only two posts on the blog presently, but the latest post promises a good deal of activity later this week as the team ramps up for SQL PASS.

I've added this resource to my blogroll; I hope you find it useful.


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