Vaya Con Dios, Old Friend..

Here's another piece of news I got last week..  this one of a sadder variety than my PASS plans..

Last week's inbox brought the unhappy news that John Huschka is leaving Microsoft.  While I will miss John as a long-distance colleague and friend (to my knowledge, John and I have only been in the same time zone for about a week during the seven years or so we've known each other, yet I consider him a close friend -- better living through technology, indeed!), the good news is that he's already started a new blog and made his first post there!

The other good news is that John has gone to work for a Microsoft partner and will continue to use and discuss Microsoft technologies.  This state of affairs at least offers some assurance that we'll all see John again, and benefit from his insights, somewhere down the road.

Good luck in your new position, John, and best wishes to you and yours!


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