Dude, Where’s My Data? DataDude (VSTE for Database Professionals) CTP7 Released

What a crazy couple of days..  everything from the second SQL Fest this afternoon (which I'll blog about sometime within the next couple of days) to more great sessions from the SQL team during week two of our four-week SQL Server Microsoft Certified Architect OLTP/Ranger certification training.  Among the presenters yesterday was Gert Drapers, who shared with us the fantastic news that VSTE for Database Professionals (a/k/a DataDude) CTP7 is available for download here.

You'll want to check out Gert's post for the prerequisutes (among them a full version of VSTS) and other pointers for successful deployment of this release.  Gert's demo of the tool to our class was most impressive.  Based on what I saw yesterday, I'll be installing it soon; I urge you do to the same.


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