New Blog Features, With A Caveat: Beware Of Database Geeks Writing HTML

This post doesn't apply for you aggregate surfers; those of you who come to, please read on.

If you look closely, over at the left hand side of the bloo..  er, I mean, blog..  over on the left hand side of the blog, you'll see a couple of new search-related features.  They're real easy to pick out because they're the ones all slammed up against the left-hand margin of your browser page, as opposed to the subtle but now-obvious indenting of the rest of this content.

While I'm busy dusting off HTML "skills" that were last employed to say Hello, World in 1992, here's the rundown: the default Telligent search box has been removed from the site in favor of new tools for bloggers and blog readers from the Windows Live group.

  • The Search Ward Pond's SQL Server blog text entry box and search button will do exactly what the caption implies, and is the direct replacement for the Telligent facility.

  • The Live Search logo button will open up a new browser window with the Live Search homepage loaded.  From this page, you can search the entire Internet.

I hope you find these tools useful; please let me know if you do (or in the unlikely event that you don't :)).  Keep an eye on the homepage in the coming days as I work to integrate them more seamlessly into the flow of the rest of the page.

If you'd like the HTML that enables these little goodies, please let me know; I don't want to post it publicly right now because, frankly, I don't understand it all yet.  The progression of the aforementioned "integration" efforts should give you some insight into how my learning curve is progressing.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    A couple of weeks ago , you might recall, I mentioned that I’d added a couple of new web-based search

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