A Blog You Should Know About (If You Don’t Already)

As I mentioned my last letter to my cousin, we just finished up the first week of our SQL Server Microsoft Certified Architect OLTP/Ranger certification training.  In our first week's technical sessions alone, we've heard from Don Vilen, Carroll Moon, Sanjay Mishrah, Lubor Kollar, Michael Thomassy, Tom Davidson, Mark Souza, Greg Moss, Mark Licata, and little old me.  AND several of our candidates made presentations as well.  AND we've got three weeks left.  Wow!

(and I hopefully haven't forgotten anyone)

Several of these folks are on the SQL Server organization's Customer Advisory Team (the "SQL CAT team"), whose mission aligns very closely with that of the CSMO SQL Server Center of Excellence.  Just this week I learned that the SQL CAT team is blogging over on the MSDN site.

The banner of their blogs states that it authors will "be posting entries of best practices and lessons learned from the most demanding SQL Server implementations in the world."  Based on the presentations I saw this week, this blog should be close to the top of every SQL Server professional's must-read list.

I've added it to my blogroll here..  I urge you to do the same.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I posted last Friday urging you towards a blog offering from the SQL Customer Advisory Team. Today, I’d

  2. Anonymous says:

    On the heels of two messages last week pointing you at worthy SQL-related blog resources, I’m happy to

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