DWWTWT?: October 24

It's days like today that try a walker's soul: a persistent, cold rain combined with an obligation to look decent for those attending our class.

Taking my grandson to school in the car was an easy call, even before he gazed at me with those big, blue, please-drive-me-to-school-I-don't-wanna-get-wet eyes, so the "long walking commute" was out of the question right from the start.

If I had been heading for my office (where I could've quietly dripped in private), I would've walked, but given that my destination was a classroom, professionalism won out over commitment to exercise and environmentalism, and I drove in the rain:







Did Not Compete:


We'll find out tomorrow if guilt leads me to walk in the rain..


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday , I wondered whether a guilty conscience would lead me to a foot-based commute in the rain.

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