Better Living Through Tags?

One of the new features of our recently updated Telligent Community Server software is expanded support for tagging of blog entries.  Of course, this feature does little good for you, the reader, unless your humble blogger undertakes to actually tag their posts.

I've gone through the contents of the "Technical Content" and "News" feeds and updated them with new tags.  Until I get a burr in my saddle, I'll handle this on a going-forward basis in the "DWWTWT?" feed.

Here are the new tags (each with a corresponding RSS feed):

  • Baseball

  • Business Intelligence

  • Charitable Works

  • Contests

  • Humor

  • Music

  • NULLity

  • Optional Parameters

  • Personal Technology

  • Pond's Laws

  • Prime Numbers

  • Programming Methodology

  • Quality

  • Set-Based Thinking

  • Software Release Announcements

  • SQL Server 2000

  • SQL Server 2005

  • Vista

  • XML

I'll continue to use the "News" and "Technical Content" categories so as not to break existing subscriptions as well as including this increased level of precision, which will hopefully aid your navigation of this site.  If there's a category you'd like to see added, please leave me a comment!


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