Database Programming: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About JOIN Semantics, But Were Afraid To Ask

Every once in awhile, I get an opportunity to look around for new and interesting things to read.  With the emphasis my new position places on building world-class training resources for SQL Server types, I'll be spending even more time on this sort of research.  Of course, I'll be sharing the best of those resources with you as well.

Apropos of this discussion, over the weekend I ran into a simply remarkable series of posts on Craig Freedman's WebLog.  Craig works on the SQL team, and provides great insights in this ongoing series.  I'd check them all out were I in your shoes:

and, in what looks like the start of another series..

I learned a ton in these posts, and you will too.  Enjoy, and thanks to Craig for sharing this work with the community.


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    Welcome to installation #118 of Log Buffer , the weekly review of database blogs. Today, we’re gonna

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