Approaching A New Vista

It's a red letter day for me..  After more than seven years with Microsoft, the company has at long last purchased a laptop for my business use.

Not only does this mean that my "personal" laptop will now be passed to my exceptionally patient spouse, it gives me a platform from which to test the new Vista OS.

I've installed Beta 2 on the new box (an HP nc8430) and am now in the process of loading the latest internal rollup release.  Once I complete the installation and get my applications installed, I'll be ready to start sharing Vista related insights as well.

I'd be very interested in hearing from any of you who have already taken this plunge..  are there any tips you can share with those of us who are new to the product?

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  1. bill says:

    I too have the nc8430.  Beautiful piece of hardware, with just a few issues under Vista RTM.  

    1- Although I have 4 gigs RAM, only ~3.2 "register" under Vista.

    2- DRIVERS, DRIVERS, DRIVERS.  As they just don’t exist yet.  So the fingerprint scanner, card reader, bluetooth, etc, don’t function.

    3- Love the 64 bit, just hate the lack of support from MS on their own product lines.  Visual Studio and SQL Server both throw compatibility error warnings on install.  Yes, even the x64 SQL won’t run properly on Vista x64.

    Other than that I’m hapy as a pig in poop.

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