Baseball Challenge Update

The 3rd Annual Baseball Challenge, for the benefit Cocoon House and the Ronald McDonald House of Western Washington, took place yesterday at Everett Memorial Stadium.  The Cocoon House team won again this year, 11-5, despite my contribution of an 0-for-3 afternoon at the plate.

The game featured participation by some of the Cocoon House kids, my older son and two others getting hit by an errant bat, several folks (including yours truly) on the PA (I was introduced for my last at-bat by my grandson, Alex), and not one but TWO successful executions (one by each team) of the hidden ball trick.  The RMH team pulled theirs off in the middle of the game, and -- for the first time in my life -- I successfully executed one at first base in the eighth inning.  As my teammates said, revenge is sweet.

The neatest thing for me, though, as a desk jockey whose aging is proceeding with questionable grace, was the mob of kids around us after the game who wanted all of us to autograph balls, bats, pieces of paper..  one of the Cocoon House kids even asked me to autograph my game jersey and give it to her, which I was thrilled to do (Tawny, if you're reading, wear it well!).

My fundraising efforts are still ongoing; please refer to this earlier post if you're of a mind to help out.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t subjected you to a baseball post in awhile.  Don’t worry, I’ll be brief..

    I can’t let…

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s the third Friday in February, which means pitchers and catchers have been in camp for a week. 

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