Technical News: The Develop Without Borders Contest

Word of another great programming contest has made its way to my inbox.

Sponsored by Microsoft and HP, it’s called the Develop Without Borders Challenge and it encourages developers and architects to submit a solution design that helps a non-profit organization.  The concept is simple:  Developers choose a charitable organization that they would like to help, understand the business challenges that it faces, and propose a solution based on the 2007 Office system that addresses one or more of those challenges.  The solutions that make the most impact on the organization and that best utilize the Office system technologies can win up to $50,000 for the chariry to help pilot or implement the solution, as well as over $12,000 in prizes for the winning developer/architect.

It’s a great chance to do something good for the world while you learn about the platform abilities of the new 2007 Microsoft Office system.  I encourage you to click the link above and learn more about the contest if you have any ideas about how Microsoft technologies can be used to help people in need.  The contest is running through the end of August.

If you enter this worthy contest, please drop a comment here and discuss your charity and your development project!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Last July , I mentioned the Develop Without Borders Contest , an application development contest designed

  2. John Huschka says:

    This is cool, and I think it is wonderful that Microsoft is sponsoring such a contest.  Make sure you notice who is and is not eligible, however:

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