Do I Need To Start A Baseball Feed?

With last night's posts, you might have noticed a couple of loose ends being tied up.  I'm trying to get loose ends tied up all over the place, because..

As of this afternoon, I'm on vacation until the morning of July 10th.  Other than some "deferred" posts which will show up on the DWWTWT? thread next week (and reportage on the Redmond Raiders' (Kyle's 13U All-Star team) progress in the District tournament, of course), I'm expecting this space to be largely silent over the next week and a half.  Technical posts will certainly be at a premium.

If you look closely at today's Major League Baseball standings, you'll find that our Seattle Mariners woke up this morning in second place, two games behind the Oakland A's.  It's hard to believe the team was in last place just three weeks ago.  A baseball fan's summer is always a little sunnier when one's team is on a roll.

I can't mention baseball without sending my best wishes to Peter Gammons and his family.  In addition to his stellar work on baseball in the Boston Globe and on television, Peter is a musician as well, with his first album (or disc, for you younger readers) coming out on the July 4th.  He has counted among his friends many of musical my idols, including the late Warren Zevon and the members of Little Feat.  Peter suffered an aneurysm at his home on Tuesday and is in good condition after surgery.  Mend well and come back to us soon, Peter!

To those of you who celebrate the Fourth of July, I wish you a happy and safe holiday.  See you on or about July 10th..


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