Epilogue: Not All Dreams Come True

I just wanted to follow up yesterday's post on the Redmond Red Sox.

Last night, the boys played in their district championship game against, of all teams, the North Bend Rainiers.  They fought hard, but eight unearned runs in the fourth inning proved too much to overcome.  The boys lost a game for only the third time this season, 15-5.

Regardless of this outcome, the boys had a remarkable season and finished with a record of 14 wins and only three losses.

So..  congratulations to A.B., ARod, Chris, Dan, Gavin, Jacob, Kyle, Parker, Ryan, Sam, Zach, and Zack, on your city championship and a great season.  Good on you, guys!


Comments (2)

  1. Adam Machanic says:

    It’s clear that you lost because you have a player called "ARod" on a team called "Red Sox".  That’s just heresy.

  2. Ward Pond says:

    I hear you, Adam..  although I believe at one point Theo Esptein would’ve disagreed..

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