Thank You For Enabling Me To Be Blatantly Self-Congratulatory

After months of hesitation, I recently got a look at an internal resource offered by fellow Microsoft blogger Calvin Hsia.  What I saw there shocked and humbled me, and if you're reading this, I've got you to thank (which is why I'm putting this message in all the feeds).

Given the relative paucity of comments on the blog, I naively assumed that there wasn't much interest out in the world in what's happening here.  What I learned at Calvin's site, which serves up the traffic statistics on Microsoft's two blog sites, and, is that ever since this blog was three months old, it's been in the top half of readership on the site.  Gulp.  Since your interest level reached that milestone, it's been growing both in raw volume and in its percentage "rank" on the site; in March your traffic here was among the top 29% of traffic -- over 21,500 unique visitors.  Wow!

You folks remind me of what Richard Nixon used to call "the Silent Majority".  Thanks to Calvin, now I know you're out there.

Just so you know I've still got a shred of humility, in closing I'll clue you that the IE Team's blog, #1 in traffic for our site, last month got my "record" monthly traffic about every 80 minutes.  So we've still got room to grow this community.

Tell your friends and colleagues! 🙂

.. and thank you so much for your interest!


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    Another entry in the "optional parameters" thread

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