Finally, An Answer (and a mea culpa) For Adam Machanic

I've once again been frightfully neglectful of this blog, as the holidaze, shifting work assignments, and the occasional personal event have combined to render me a poor custodian.

The good news is that I've got a backlog of tidbits to share.  Before we get started with those, though, I'd like to respond to Adam Machanic's comment on my last NULLity post.  Adam is correct, and a central point in my post was incorrect (one of the risks of 27 years in a business is that one occasionally gets one's platform-oriented wires crossed).

In SQL Server, if you build an index on a column, and that column is NULL in a particular record, there WILL be a pointer to that row in the index.  There are DBMSes on the market where this is not the case, which is where I got confused.

I've updated the original post to reflect this information.

Thanks, Adam, for pointing this out.

More soon..

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