After applying Windows 10 1805, I can no longer stream my shared music libraries

It's been a while since I posted a non-Exchange topic.

So, I installed Windows 10 1805 this weekend on my home machine. I was emboldened by successfully updating my work laptop, while on the road. For those who are travel as much as your average transactional PFE, which is a super lot, you can understand what its like to try to update to a new version of anything while you are at the thin end of a mobile hotspot, a corporate guest wireless etc. As updating anything to a new version on the road, on the well connected-connected-everywhere world, where you, or rather, I have found myself, such as in the middle of Manhattan in on the 50th odd floor of a hotel with nary a bar of signal, I usually save big forklift updates for home.

I absolutely love Windows 10. And iteratively, it keeps getting better - Edge has been great since RS3...the changes to the Security Dashboard, all the "Guards" technology... I really looked forward to popping 1805 onto the home pc.

So, I was a bit befuddled when after having applied 1805 to my home PC, that I could no longer access my shared music libraries from my networked home entertainment system. I had originally set up a Homegroup, and shared out my music library on my home network. I was able to add it as source, and things have been working fabulously.

Installation of Windows 10 1805 will warn you that you have Homegroup enabled, and that the feature has been removed from 1805 (see )...errr 1803... but that any existing shared folders will remain, and you simply won't have the capability of creating a new Homegroup. Ok, no problem!

Except, it was a problem. I no longer had access to my shared Music library.

Compmgmt.msc did not show any shared folders that were not default.

No management of Homegroup, either.

So, where else could I look?

Groove? ad for "Get Spotify", doesn't look promising.

Hmmm... Windows Media Player hasn't ever failed me, lets look there!

You will get a warning that streaming of media is disabled and you need to enable it:

...And after that, all was well again. Greta van Fleet cranked to 11. Rock on!

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