Ever want to test your CAS deployment?

Have you ever, either in the course of troubleshooting, or perhaps when standing up a new Client Access Server, wanted a method to test if it works externally? Microsoft CSS has deployed a tool - more specifically, a web site- where you can check the functionality and availibility of any CAS servers that you may have published to the internet.

The Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer conducts the following tests of your CAS servers:

-autodiscover test
 -validates your login creds
 -tests RPC/HTTP
 -tries hostname/autodiscover
 -then autodiscover.domain.com
 -connect over 443, check cert, rpc ping on different ports
-RPC/HTTP test
-Inbound SMTP test
 -gets MX records
 -validates MX records
 -tests port 25
 -sends email

Stay tuned, as this tool is in it's infancy
-OWA test- coming soon
-EAS test coming soon
-POP/IMAP coming soon


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