Microsoft TechDays 2007 in Paris

Yesterday, the first Microsoft Techdays ended in Paris after three days and more than 200 presentations. Thank you to all of you who honored us by their attendance! (I don’t have the final figures yet but you were about 9,000 people on the two first days alone.) If you didn't have a chance to attend, you will be able to watch the presentations once they are published at the beginning of March (an understanding of French will be necessary). My personal involvement was to help define the security track content, present 5 sessions and lead two workshops on Windows Vista security with my colleague Pascal Sauliere.

My sessions included:

- Getting ready for NAP (original title: 'Se préparer à NAP') where I did demonstrate 802.1X enforcement on a Cisco 3750 switch. I did test the 802.1X enforcement on Enterasys gear too. I plan to publish a video of what it looks like on this blog. I will also provide some documentation on what I did to configure this demo. Stay tuned.

- The human factor: the weakest link or the last resort (original title: 'Le facteur humain  maillon faible ou dernière chance '). Stanislas Quastana and I have had a lot of fun doing this one. I hope it will help support the fact that The human factor is a chance for Information Systems Security. You'll find all the references for the books we talked about on Stan's blog.

- What's new in security with Windows Vista (original title: Nouveautés de sécurité de Windows Vista). A short overview of Windows Vista security, co-animated with Pascal Sauliere.

- UAC: User Account Control (original title : Contrôle de compte utilisateur UAC) co-animated with Pascal Sauliere.

- An introduction to Forefront Client Security (original title: Découvrir Forefront Client Security) the enterprise antimalware solution by Microsoft.

I’ve heard that there were some great presentations (by both Microsoft and non Microsoft speakers). So, if you do speak French, I’m sure you will enjoy the content once it is published and more particularly, to only name a few: a tutorial on virology, Office documents fuzzing, quantum cryptography, integrating Linux into Active Directory…

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