Licensing How To: Prepare for Select Plus retirement

In July of 2014, we announced the plan to phase out Select Plus for commercial customers due to the world-wide availability of the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA). As of last month, Select Plus is officially no longer available for new commercial agreements in the 95% of major markets where MPSA is offered.

The final phase arrives July 2016, in which customers with existing Select Plus agreements will no longer be able to make new purchases after their agreement anniversary. Purchasing under the MPSA will be offered instead.

With these milestones in mind it’s the perfect time to begin preparing for the upgrade to MPSA. Let’s start with why Select Plus is being retired and how it’s a great thing for customers and partners.

Why is Select Plus being retired?

As part of Microsoft’s strategy to provide best-in-class platforms and productivity services for the mobile-first, cloud-first world we're transforming volume licensing into a more modern way to buy cloud services and software. The MPSA has the flexibility built in to consolidate what previously required Select Plus agreement, while providing customers a whole new world of solutions through hybrid cloud and software licensing.


The MPSAs flexibility and wider product offerings in a single, simplified agreement makes Select Plus obsolete. As reducing complexity is a major goal of our transformation, eliminating a redundant program is a step in the right direction. For example, while MPSA transactional purchasing rules remain the same as in Select Plus, customers on the MPSA have access to Microsoft Online Services and the ability to work with multiple partners under a single account. With the MPSA being the future of all volume licensing agreements at Microsoft, now is the perfect time to upgrade.

Who does it impact?

Select Plus retirement encompasses current commercial customers. However, Select Plus for Academic and Government organizations will remain accessible. More information will be shared on Select Plus retirement for Government and Academic customers in the future.

What will happen to your Select Plus purchases?

There is no impact to existing purchases under Select Plus, as customers will continue to enjoy full rights and access to all software and Software Assurance. We encourage customers to renew after expiration of coverage into the MPSA.

What have customers and partners experienced thus far?


TechData, a global IT provider and Microsoft partner, used the MPSA to help a large chemical product supplier streamline its cumbersome licensing structure for nearly 2000 users. Eddie BH Seo, Sr. Manager for TechData, had this to say about the transition:

“They had several different agreements, including Select Plus, which put an enormous burden on the purchasing manager to keep track of a complex collection of licenses for multiple users,” says Seo. “Using the MPSA, we were able to deliver the faster, simpler license purchase process they were looking for.”


John Pechmann, Global Partner Manager for Microsoft at Dell, agrees that the MPSA is good for customers like Hunt Brothers Pizza. “It is really refreshing that Microsoft has taken a lot of time and consideration to understand where the pain points were for our customers and to help develop an agreement that would address those concerns. We’ve seen that the MPSA makes it much easier for customers and partners to manage and service their volume licensing needs.”

Hunt Brothers Pizza had a number of discussions with Dell to identify the best Exchange Online licensing mix for its needs. The company chose to move to the MPSA, which it can use to meet additional licensing requirements in the future. Linville says, “We determined that the MPSA was the perfect fit for Hunt Brothers Pizza, which can add perpetual licensing to its MPSA as needed, with the same discount structure as its initial purchase. The discounts are very similar to Select Plus, so it’s a win-win scenario.”

What should you do now?

Current Select Plus customers should contact their partner or Microsoft Account Manager to discuss moving to MPSA. We also have provided additional guidance such as MPSA vs. Select Plus guides, purchasing information, and FAQs dedicated specifically to current Select Plus customers on our volume licensing site.

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    The promise of "Next Generation Volume Licensing" (NGVL) seems to have taken longer than expected to deploy, but it’s nice to see it continue to evolve and in most cases, simplify and improve licensing s/w from MS.

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