Large pizza maker reduces costs, complexity with new streamlined licensing agreement

Pizza may not have changed much in the past 30 years, but the pizza business has. Hunt Brothers Pizza, 450-employees strong and one of the most popular store-based US pizza brands, prioritizes technology to stay ahead in its rapidly evolving industry. Chris Dorris, Information Technology Manager at Hunt Brothers Pizza, says, “As competition increases, technology is one of the leading factors in creating operational efficiencies for the business and mining data to find new ways to sell to our customers.”

In order to maximize their technology investments, Hunt Brothers needed a licensing solution that would give Dell, its IT services partner, greater visibility and control over its licenses and cloud services. Purchasing software and cloud services through Dell via the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) solved this need while enabling Hunt Brothers to get the solutions it requires faster, more easily, and at a lower cost.

Dell Account Manager, Jason Linville, worked closely with Dorris and the Hunt Brothers Pizza IT department to determine the most beneficial licensing agreement to purchase both on-premises licenses and cloud services going forward. “In my conversations with customers, I always bring up the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement [MPSA] when there’s a major purchase coming up,” says Linville. “It’s a more versatile agreement because it offers licensing for cloud services.”

Linville says easier procurement is a common experience for MPSA customers. “Not one of my customers has had to send the MPSA through legal review,” he reports. “That's not always the case with other agreements, and sometimes reviews can take weeks. Where new software orders used to take a month, they now take three to four days to complete.”

Hunt Brothers Pizza considers the MPSA a great choice to support its evolving approach to technology. “Lower costs and easier management contribute to a greater return on the company’s investment,” says Linville. “Not only can Hunt Brothers Pizza scale its MPSA to meet its needs, it’s also able to provision cloud-based services itself. That means it can have the licenses before even completing the purchase.”

Learn more from the full case study about how Dell and Microsoft improved Hunt Brothers Pizza’s purchase experience and agility in the marketplace, through the MPSA.

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