COMPAREX France adopts Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) to gain new customers and improve licensing experience

To grow their business as trusted technology solution providers, COMPAREX, the Microsoft 2015 Volume Licensing Partner of the Year, recognized it was important to enable customers to bring their worldwide offices and departments under the same licensing agreement, regardless of their location. Additionally, because customers were required to sign separate agreements for Microsoft cloud services and on-premises products, managing multiple licensing agreements was adding cost and complexity to the process. Customers wanted an easier way to manage their Microsoft portfolios and the agility to add incremental Microsoft Online Services to support their business objectives.

COMPAREX France worked with Microsoft to design and pilot the new volume licensing agreement - the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) – designed to exceed customers’ expectations by making it easier to do business with Microsoft. The MPSA has significantly simplified the software sales process and opened up new revenue opportunities, enabling COMPAREX France to serve customers more strategically.

Since launching the MPSA, COMPAREX has served 650 customers with the agreement. “The MPSA solves a lot of problems for our customers,” says Lionel Perradin, Microsoft Licensing Specialist at COMPAREX France. “It’s very simple, it’s very agile, and it helps us to sell online solutions to our customers.” To evidence the MPSAs ability to help grow their business, two-thirds of COMPAREX France clients signing MPSAs are new customers, most of whom found previous licensing agreements too complex. “Our customers like the new approach to software licensing that the MPSA provides,” says Perradin. “It’s important to them to have all of their licenses under one agreement.”

The simplified sales process has enabled COMPAREX France to spend more time engaging with customers in strategic discussions about their business needs. “With the MPSA, we can talk about customer strategies, future projects, and what customers want from us in terms of Microsoft technology,” says Perradin. “It has completely changed the way we engage with customers.”

Learn more in the following case study about how COMPAREX France and Microsoft are improving the customer experience through the MPSA.

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