Announcing Product Terms: fewer steps and one location to improve customer experience

To improve customers’ volume licensing experience, Microsoft today announces Product Terms which consolidates and replaces two previously independent documents - the Product Use Rights (PUR) and the Product List (PL). Together with the program agreement, Product Terms contains all the terms and conditions for how you purchase licenses for software and online services through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs, with the exception of the Microsoft Online Subscription and Cloud Solution Provider programs.  It also addresses how you may deploy and use software licensed under those programs. 

This video and our website provide more information, and here’s a summary of what Product Terms offers volume licensing customers.  First, the consolidation provides fewer steps and one location to find what you need.  Customers can now learn about availability of new products, discontinuation of products, available promotions, Software Assurance benefits, license terms and product migration paths all in one place. 


Second, the new document is easier to navigate and understand.  Its product-centric structure brings all the information pertaining to a specific product together in one section. The document also provides easy linking between the glossary, universal license terms, and professional services terms; and it has mouse-over definitions, to provide readers timely and relevant context.

Third, we are pleased to offer the Product Terms more broadly to our customer base by publishing it in 35 languages, 24 more than the retired Product List.  Fourth, the Product Terms will be updated monthly to align with price list availability, so you’ll always have the most current information.

It’s important to understand that customers' use rights, terms and benefits remain unchanged. Product Terms is backwards compatible, so customers don’t need to take any action in response to this announcement. Our sole objective in making this change was to let customers more quickly and easily understand the information previously spread across multiple documents.  You’ll also notice that in consolidating these documents we’ve reduced the overall contract length by examining the language across the two retired documents and removing duplicate content and redundant statements. Archived versions of the retired documents can be found on our website.

The new Product Terms is a direct result of feedback and ongoing dialogue with our customers and partners. After reviewing the document, licensing analyst and CEO of Directions on Microsoft, Rob Horwitz, had this to say, “Through document consolidation, careful editing for brevity, heavy use of charts, embedded links and other measures, the Product Terms should make it significantly easier for customers to parse existing licensing rules.”

We hope you’ll agree and look forward to your feedback.

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  1. J Senior says:

    Great step. Consolidating the two documents should make it a bit easier for customers.

  2. wqewweq says:

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  4. xiaojun says:

    20150922 junda

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  6. Jaroslav Sabacky says:

    Hello to MS Licensing, just watching "MicrosoftProductTerms(WW)(English)(Sept2015)(CR).docx" and on page 38, in section 2.1.2 there is a table with white header and the text in the header is therefore unreadable. I checked the document from previous month
    and there the header is OK.
    Can you please check it and fix it? 🙂
    Kind regards, Jaroslav.

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