New Partner Case Studies Highlight Benefits of the MPSA

Following on from our latest updates at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference we have two new case studies to share with our readers. From the earliest days of planning it was important to involve partners in the development of the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA). We are delighted to see growing adoption and both customers and partners benefiting from the upgraded licensing experience.  

“By engaging with partners to co-design the MPSA, Microsoft demonstrated that they really value our input,” says Mark Berlin, Senior Manager Product Management, Insight Enterprises. “The result of that collaboration is delivering the benefits that partners were looking for—a lower cost of sale, expanded revenue opportunities, and greater sales agility.”

(see the video below as well as the written case study HERE)


SoftwareONE and Insight US are just two of the Microsoft partners that worked with Microsoft to co-design and develop the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA). The shorter, less complex software licensing agreement helps streamline contract creation, enhance customer service, and increase revenue opportunities. Learn more about how SoftwareONE and Insight US are wowing clients and realizing substantial benefits from offering the MPSA to its customers by reading the written case studies and watching the Insight video.


“I think the positive customer response shows the value of the MPSA co-design effort,” says Detlef Werner, License Sales Support Manager at SoftwareONE. “It’s much easier now for us to help customers access Microsoft products and services, and that helps lower the cost of sale.”

(read the complete case study HERE)


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