Redesign Brings New Look and Feel to Product List Document

As part of the larger licensing document simplification effort we have redesigned the Volume Licensing Product List to improve the ability of customers to read, understand, and act upon our licensing. Much attention has been given to eliminating redundant and non-legal content; centralizing and enhancing product specific content; organizing the content for easier discovery and navigation. As a result, the redesign process has reduced the size of the document by more than 50% making it more manageable to understand.

Please note, license terms, migration grants, program availability, etc. have not changed.

The new Product List design has several benefits:

  • Navigability: organized the way you need to use it every day for simple navigation
  • Readability: easier than before to find and understand specific product related terms
  • Consistency: improved structure and consistent layout across products

Following are several aspects to note regarding the structure of the new Product List (see figure 1 below):

  • Products are now grouped by their Product Family
  • Unique information specific to the products has been brought to the forefront
  • Supporting information was moved to later in the document
  • A Product Index has been added to help make it easier to find the information important to you



In addition, the product landing page also sees benefit of the redesign process (see below) including:

  • The Product Chart and Product Note information are now together in a single location
  • Program Availability for each product is emphasized
  • Information on prior versions of products has been included
  • Pointers to archived content have been added


 For more information please refer to the following resources:

Comments (9)

  1. MissingInfo says:

    While I am all for simplification, the updated Product List is vasty “over simplified” in that it has removed key information about products. Examples include the Software Assurance renewal path for products such a Small Business Server, System Center Essentials, and System Center Virtual Machine Manager Workgroup Edition. Please either include this information back into the Product List or provide it in another official document and post that to the Volume Licensing web site.

  2. Please bring back the llld list document! says:

    You have removed too much information that we need. Please bring back the old document with all the details and critical information we need. Thank you.

  3. diramo says:

    fortunately, the older product lists still available to download from Microsoft link:
    . for me, the previous product lists includes more Details about upgrade and downgarde rights and Software assurance renew possibilities. for example, on the current product list we have the following info about visual Studio

    Software Assurance Eligibility:
    Customers with expiring SA on any Visual Studio with MSDN license or an expiring MSDN Operating Systems subscription or an active retail subscription corresponding to the Visual Studio offerings in this Product List may renew coverage under any Visual Studio
    with MSDN license.

    on th eprevious Versions, it was not mentioned for any Visual Studio license. there Details about each editiont separately.:
    Software Assurance Eligibility
    Customers with expiring Software Assurance on the following are eligible to renew their coverage as Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 with MSDN. When renewing to a different MSDN subscription level, the new use terms replace the prior use terms, and any software
    not included in the new MSDN subscription must be removed.

     Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN
     Visual Studio Team System Team Suite with MSDN Premium
     Visual Studio Team System Test Edition with MSDN Premium
     Visual Studio Team System Development Edition with MSDN Premium
     Visual Studio Team System Architecture Edition with MSDN Premium
     Visual Studio Team System Database Edition with MSDN Premium
     Customers with an active retail subscription for any of the above software

    as a licensing expert in presales Support for Microsoft Partner I refer always to th eprevious product list(march 2014).


  4. xiaojun says:

    20150922 junda

  5. dongdong says:


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