Transformation progress for Microsoft Volume Licensing

By Richard Smith
General Manager, Microsoft World Wide Licensing & Pricing (WWLP)

The feedback from customers and partners since our December launch of the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA), a new licensing agreement for both on-premises software and online services, has been very positive.  As hoped, they are finding it a simpler way to purchase and manage software.


“The entire licensing purchasing and management experience is so much simpler and more aligned with what I want it to be.” – Joel Albertson, WINNEBAGO INDUSTRIES


“The user experience has definitely improved. The portal is a lot more user friendly and provides a simple step-by-step way to enter information.” – Kelly McCormick, CDW


Customers are finding value in consolidating multiple agreements into one MPSA, and an easier experience establishing online services, for example going from obtaining a quote to having users up and running in under a day. Our early customer satisfaction ratings are also showing significantly higher results than customers on older agreements.


Following on from this progress, we are expanding the MPSA this quarter to an additional six countries, France, Poland, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and Switzerland. This is the next step in taking the MPSA to all customers over time, and reflects our confidence in the value of the new licensing agreement and systems.


In this update, I want to highlight the usability of the new customer and partner portals. We took an “all new” approach with this transformation, and the new tools embody the latest principles of design, with a focus on self-service, that brings all licensing functionality into one place. This gives customers and partners a single, up-to-date view of their licensing information and an all-around ease to managing day to day tasks – even in a complex organization. There are some screen shots below, as a sampler before the live system and MPSA becomes available to your organization.


To learn more, please visit our new MPSA web pages at Please keep reading this blog or follow us on Twitter to stay current on this and other developments related to Microsoft Volume Licensing.






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