Still using Windows XP? Modernize now to boost your ROI

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As the end of support approaches for Windows XP and companies are looking to upgrade to Windows 8.1, many are looking at the best way to finance the switch. Microsoft Payment Solutions can help companies modernize their technologies, defer payments and start to realize return on investment (ROI) in updated systems as quickly as possible.


Microsoft provides payment solutions that let you combine software, services and hardware into a single payment plan. Flexible repayment programs let you spread out the costs of updating over monthly, quarterly or semiannual payments, and adjust payments to fit your cash flow by ramping up over time or customizing to align with business cycles. And it’s easy to add new software purchases or additional services to an existing contract.


With support for Windows XP officially ending April 8, 2014, businesses still running the operating system are encouraged to upgrade to take advantage of advanced security, reliability, better management, and modern technologies like mobility and touch, capabilities that customers and employees increasingly expect in today’s business environment.


Upgrading now can help you modernize not just your IT operations where it offers superior management and security, but also your business processes. A modern operating system provides a solid foundation for your current business software, device integration and communications capabilities necessary to drive your business forward.


Modernizing can also help you avoid the higher costs and risks of an operating system that’s running beyond its support life cycle. In the absence of new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content updates, businesses continuing to run Windows XP will need to engage third-party technical support and may find it more difficult to protect against security threats. Upgrading to Windows 8.1 will help ensure that businesses have access to the most current Microsoft support options and are positioned for future business growth and competition. Managing your purchases through Microsoft Payment Solutions helps you maximize your IT spend and protect your cash reserves, better enabling your organization to seize market opportunities and more nimbly respond to market challenges.


Contact your Partner Representative or Account Manager today to find out how you can use Microsoft Payment Solutions to assist your efforts in modernizing your IT infrastructure and start reaping the benefits of Windows 8.1


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