New Look for Software Assurance Website – Discoverability Main Focus

The most popular New Year's resolution?? Yup, you guessed it - drop a few pounds and streamline that waistline.  Well, websites often "bulk up" over time and can use a good cleanse too. There’s nothing more infuriating than poking around a website and it taking too long to find what you’re looking for or discovering that what you had imagined was located there is absent. 

We continue to listen to feedback and aim to make changes to the Volume Licensing website on that improve the overall experience for our visitors. The team has been working hard to kick off the New Year with a refresh of a key area and are delighted to point you to the completely re-designed section for Software Assurance

Top to bottom the redesign addresses feedback from visitors and brings streamlined content (an 80% reduction of content), more engaging content (e.g., check out the primer videos) and clearer navigation across the eight key areas below.  

  1. Software Assurance Home Page
  2. Software Assurance Planning Services
  3. Software Assurance Benefits
  4. How to Get Software Assurance
  5. Software Assurance Benefits – By Product
  6. Software Assurance Benefits – By Company Size
  7. Software Assurance FAQ Page
  8. Home Use Program Page


Keep the feedback coming.


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