2013’s Top Five Microsoft Volume Licensing (@Msft_VL) Tweets

Are you in the know about Microsoft Volume Licensing? Follow our Twitter handle @Msft_VL and receive up-to-the-minute news about launches, reference guides, training resources, definitions and more. Below you’ll find our top five buzz-worthy tweets from 2013. Each of these tweets reached a high number of Twitter users via retweets and favorites from highly influential people. Enjoy and Happy New Year!


Download the Microsoft Licensing brief on Windows Embedded 8 https://t.co/hzSVZC2Hgc

— Volume Licensing (@Msft_VL) August 7, 2013

Become a Microsoft licensing expert through the MS Virtual Academy https://t.co/rqYWOlTVK0

— Volume Licensing (@Msft_VL) September 27, 2013

"Price it out, the first deal is often not the final deal." - Frances O'Brien, tips on negotiating with Microsoft #GartnerITAM

— Volume Licensing (@Msft_VL) September 26, 2013

Microsoft donates #Office365 licenses to nonprofits https://t.co/1mBiST6NDx

— Volume Licensing (@Msft_VL) September 11, 2013

Microsoft Volume Licensing transformation is on the horizon. Learn more here: https://t.co/BDiBdyQkS6

— Volume Licensing (@Msft_VL) November 15, 2013

Top tweets ranged from licensing updates, live-tweets from Gartner ITAM, and information on how to become a licensing expert. To stay up-to-date on Microsoft Volume Licensing news and information, be sure to follow @Msft_VL and subscribe to our official blog.

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