Transformation on the Horizon for Microsoft Volume Licensing

By Richard Smith
General Manager, Microsoft World Wide Licensing & Pricing (WWLP)

Microsoft is moving decisively on its strategy to deliver a family of devices & services that empower customers around the world, whether at home, work or on the move. At the same time, how customers buy our products and services through volume licensing is experiencing its own transformation.

With the rapid adoption of cloud and hybrid computing, and the proliferation of devices that are increasingly essential to productivity, volume licensing customers are asking for new flexibility to license wide-ranging scenarios, and for greater simplicity to help them manage it all.

We are listening. While today, new agreements allow volume purchasers to deploy traditional and emerging technology with greater ease, we are aiming even higher; our vision is to make it even easier for customers to acquire and manage their Microsoft volume licensing.

We are taking careful, deliberate steps to introduce a next-generation approach to commercial licensing with a new, more flexible and simplified purchasing experience across all solutions.

In close collaboration with our customers and partners, Microsoft has focused on three key areas for investment:  

  • Improved Agreement Structure: We are simplifying our volume licensing contract structure to align with customers’ organizational needs. The result is a single Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) that properly reflects customers’ organization and entities; streamlines procurement for a better, faster experience; and, delivers the best overall value based on total volume.
  • Flexible and Easy Purchasing: The new agreement supports customers’ choice from the entire array of Microsoft on-premises software, online services, and hybrid solutions to suit business needs and optimize technology spending. This results in one signing event, fewer terms and conditions, and greatly reduced number of steps required to complete a volume licensing agreement.
  • New Systems and Tools: New volume licensing systems are built from the ground up to address customers’ modern licensing needs. This includes web-based tools to make purchases and choose payment options; manage investments with a comprehensive view of licensed assets and purchases; and, over time, collect business intelligence to inform planning and purchasing.

With advancements like these and others, we will deliver on our ultimate objective of putting efficient and effective capabilities into the hands of our commercial, volume customers, and supporting our business partners with easy access to Microsoft innovation coming to market.

Based on a comprehensive pilot program during the past year, feedback from our customers and partners has been invaluable as we bring our vision for volume licensing into reality. As you can see below, initial impressions have been very positive and living up to our expectations and standards we are committed to meeting.


Richard Bruce, Group IT Manager, Clyde and Forth Press

“Our business is becoming cloud-based and the vast majority of our users now work in virtual environments,” says Bruce. “After evaluating Office 365, we saw that it provided exactly what we were looking for, could be accessed virtually anywhere, and was easy to administer. The shift to MPSA was very influential in our decision to move to Office 365, as it made purchasing and deployment very straightforward. The agreement was reduced by 70 percent, and we were able to self-provision Office 365 quickly and easily to our users.”


Damian Motyl, Group IT Manager, Hobs Reprographics

“The new MPSA agreement is exactly what we need to meet our goals of increasing efficiency and freeing up management time. It has improved IT operations from purchasing all the way to asset management, and the new Volume Licensing Center provides us with a single portal for all our Microsoft needs, whether on-premises or cloud-based in the future.”


Starting December, 2013 the MPSA will be more broadly available in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and United States focused on medium sized companies. Additional countries will come online in 2014. We’ll have more to share in the coming months, so please stay tuned for more about the transformation of volume licensing.

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  1. Colin Bowern says:

    Please introduce more straigthforward and open views into licensing models.  The current tools are a mess – the MS Licensing Advisor site is broken under modern browsers and incomplete.  The various program SKUs and their descriptions are hard to come by.  I put together a view for Visual Studio, had it reviewed by the local VS marketing manager and I'm still not 100% sure it is accurate…/visual-studio-licensing-in-a-nutshell

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