Microsoft Donates Office 365 Licenses to Nonprofits Worldwide

This morning Microsoft announced it is donating Office 365 licenses to nonprofits worldwide as part of its ongoing software donation program, Technology for Good. The program will benefit nonprofits of all sizes with no cap on the number of licenses starting in 41 countries and increasing up to 90 by July. 

Through the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA), Office 365 delivers tools for businesses to easily work together. With Technology for Good, nonprofits can enjoy the same productivity gains through Office 365, such as sharing documents without worrying about version control and holding group meetings with high-definition video conferencing.

Peter Davitt, chief executive officer of Fastrack to IT (a nonprofit that provides technology training and career development opportunities) stated that the company has seen real benefits within a matter of days. With offices across Ireland in Dublin, Cork and Belfast he noted that employees, can meet and collaborate very effectively using SharePoint within Office 365.”

Nonprofits can learn more, check their eligibility, and apply for a donation by visiting the Microsoft Corporate Citizenship, Technology for Good website.  

Since 1983, Microsoft has donated $6.5 billion in cash, services and software to tens of thousands of nonprofits around the world to provide nonprofits access to Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools. You can read the full details of the announcement on the Microsoft Citizenship blog: Office 365 Donations: Helping Nonprofits Do More Good.

Also, download the Office 365 Add-ons Customer Overview brief to learn more about Office 365’s simpler licensing in the Enterprise Agreement and stay up-to-date on the latest regarding Microsoft Office 365 licensing.

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  1. walt says:

    Do you have any discount or donated programs for Disabled American Veterans?

    Thank you,


  2. Disabled American Veteran says:

    It really is a big disappointment for Disabled Veterans to have this technology, Like the article states. It’s to benefit the Non-Profits not veterans. MS should offer office 365 to American Disabled who are trying to get a business started. It would help
    to create jobs and actually benefit our economy.

  3. xiaojun says:

    20150922 junda

  4. dongdong says:




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