Simpler Licensing Accelerates EA Customers to the Cloud

Organizations continue to seek out solutions to enable workers anytime, anywhere access to the latest productivity applications. In parallel, Microsoft continues to enhance licensing options to keep pace with the rapidly changing customer needs as far as how they consume software and services accessible across multiple devices.

A recent example of this is the introduction of the new Office 365 Add-ons for the Enterprise Agreement (EA) which make it easier than ever to license users for Office 365, further enabling organizations to utilize productivity services in the cloud, at their own pace. More importantly, the licensing provides organizations with the flexibility they require at a great price. 

New Office 365 Add-On SKUs

The Office 365 Add-Ons give customers a simple, low-cost way to add Office 365 services at any time, while maintaining current Enterprise Agreement and Software Assurance (SA) benefits. Office 365 add-on SKUs enable EA customers with client access license (CAL) Office suites workloads to purchase Office 365 “add-ons” as additional products—at any time throughout their EA—with a variety of standalone suite options available as well. 

Learn More

For more information on the Office 365 add-on SKUs, check out our overview document on the Microsoft Volume Licensing website. Want to buy now? Click here.

Also, be sure to watch this recent video with tech journalist and author, Paul Thurrott - Five Favorite Things About Office 365 – where he puts the licensing subscription model amongst his favorite Office 365 capabilities because it mirrors the way people consume technology on multiple devices.


“the new licensing model … an amazing new capability … reflection of how the world has changed.”

Paul Thurrott, Supersite for Windows 

Of Note…

Keep in mind that the underlying EA does not change with Office 365. Customers who purchase the new Office 365 add-ons will continue to retain the same Software Assurance (SA) benefits for their on-premises licenses, which include rights to new product versions, support and training along with the myriad of other benefits SA provides.

Office 365 is also on track to be one of the fastest-growing business products in Microsoft history. The enhancements further ensures customers continue to have the flexibility to choose the licensing position that best suits their organization.

In the months to come we’ll have more to share about the work invested in delivering simpler licensing so check back with the Volume Licensing blog for updates across the breadth of Microsoft products and services throughout the year.

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  1. Dr VACHER Henri Ordre Paris says:

    utile pour ordinateur et I PHONE 4S


  2. dr vacher henri says:

    perte de office 365 aprés panne sur ordinateur fixe

    rachat programme non encore installé


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