Top Five Microsoft Volume Licensing Blog Posts – January to March 2013

Looking for more information from Microsoft on licensing for the Consumerization of ITMicrosoft’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), or are you an IT or procurement professional looking to get Microsoft training? We’ve rounded up our five most viewed Microsoft Volume Licensing blog posts published January to March 2013, which cover the following topics:

1. Microsoft Volume Licensing Mail Bag: Three Questions on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Licensing – March 21, 2013 

A Microsoft volume licensing expert answers your questions on licensing the Microsoft virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).  Also visit the visit the Microsoft virtualization licensing page.

Due to the high volume of interest around VDI licensing, we will be publishing a “part 2” with a focus on virtual desktop access (VDA). 

2. Embracing Advantages of Consumerization of IT Through Microsoft Volume Licensing Innovations February 27, 2013

The “consumerization of IT” is a major technological trend changing how organizations around the world think about employee productivity.  While this term has many definitions, at Microsoft, we think of it as allowing end users to make the ultimate choice about which devices, applications and services they use to complete their work. View our Licensing for the Consumerization of IT web page that went live in February and download the Licensing Brief: Microsoft Licensing for the Consumerization of IT.

3. Embracing cloud computing through Microsoft Volume Licensing InnovationsMarch 22, 2013

This is the second in a series of blog posts about how Microsoft’s licensing is evolving to enable customers to take advantage of two major trends: Consumerization of IT and cloud computing. You can also download the Licensing for the Cloud data sheet and visit our Licensing Innovations for the Cloud web page. 

4. Flexibility of the Microsoft Licensing Eases Transition on Office 365, Saves Estimated $300,000 (Case Study) February 15, 2013

Hersing Corporation, a Singapore-based real estate services firm, needed to standardize its IT communications assets. That’s when Hersing took advantage of the flexibility of Microsoft licensing to migrate to a single cloud platform via Office 365. As a result of the change, Hersing Corp. is saving an estimated $300,000, including $100,000 from infrastructure savings and the remaining $200,000 in licensing and administration costs.  You can also read the full case study here: Real Estate Firm Chooses Office 365 over Google to Improve Collaboration.

5. New Customer Microsoft Volume Licensing Training Classes Now in Session March 15, 2013

In the past year, more than 5,000 students have passed the Customer Licensing Expert program launched last summer at Tech Ed North America.  The Microsoft Virtual Academy can help you get started on getting accredited at your own pace!

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